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Buda Gearheads at Cabela's

Join us every Saturday evening (weather permitting) as we congregate and enjoy bench racing and hot rod fellowship with other car guys at Cabela's in Buda.

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Buda Gearheads Logo

The Buda Gearheads Car Club

The Gearheads car club started as "a loose knit group of like minded individuals with a common interest in American cars".

We held our first meeting in 2002 (or was it 2001?), in Larry Larkin's garage; no one can remember the exact date because we didn't keep any records! Those in attendance were; Larry Larkin, Dennis Vaughn, and others. We formed up around the premise of having common issues with finding reliable help with our vintage car projects ~ who knew a good, reliable and reasonably priced painter? Where to go to source the parts we all need? etc. We agreed that we would have no officers, no dues, no by-laws but that we would gather at various members garages on a rotating basis monthly to share information & stories. We did agree to drink beer and some even brought wine!

Within a couple of months we had more people dropping in to drink beer, tell lies and talk about upcoming events, or what they were working on, or who they knew that would do quality work at a reasonable rate. We started calling ourselves "Gearheads" because we all were! MORE...

Buda Gearheads Car Show

Join us October 21st, 2017 for our 9th Annual Open Car Show.

This year the Buda Gearheads will be handing out 50 trophies for the top cars! We welcome all to come join us at Cabela's in Buda for this awesome event.

More information and pre-registration forms can be found HERE.

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